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ARB BASE Rack - The Leading Choice Of Roof Rack

ARB'S BASE Rack is worlds apart from other racks when it comes to ease of use, engineering excellence and innovation. Since its release in 2020, customers all over the world are embracing its ingenuity and ability to be personalised. ARB's BASE Rack is quickly becoming the leading choice when it comes to roof racks and load-carrying solutions. Read on to learn why! ...

September 1, 2022

5 Safety Tips for Four-Wheel Driving in Winter

For those of us who are adventure seekers and keen four-wheel drivers, Winter is a fantastic time to get out and explore the many 4x4 tracks our picturesque country has to offer. You can expect Winter exploring in New Zealand to be rugged, action-packed and loads of fun, whether you're bush bashing or hitting the high country, however it's important to remember things can turn south quickly if you're not prepared, especially after bad weather.  It's important to take your time, and be equip...

June 1, 2022

How to choose the right old man emu suspension system?

Whether you have purchased your new four-by-four off the yard or you're looking to improve the capability and handling of your trusty workhorse, one of the most common modifications at the top of people's lists is suspension! Read on to learn How to choose the right old man emu suspension system for your 4WD. ...

April 1, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Air Lockers & When To Use Them

Those of us who enjoy taking our four-by-four off-road know that even the most familiar tracks can present us with unexpected conditions. Say you are up a steep ridge, on uneven rocky terrain or a slippery mud-laden track, being able to take advantage of traction is an essential component to keeping you and your vehicle safe.  Simply put, traction is the resistance between your vehicle’s tyres and the ground which offers you, as the driver, control of the vehicle. No traction = No control...

March 1, 2022

What Portable Fridge Freezer Will Suit Me Best?

Say goodbye to digging around in ice while looking for a can at the bottom of your chilly bin; no more water-logged steaks, soggy bread or floating grapes. – Experience the convenience of a portable fridge freezer with ARB's comprehensive range.  ARB's portable Fridge Freezers can be fitted to your boat, car, caravan or camper trailer, and are all backed by a comprehensive three-year warranty. Engineered in Australia and undergone rigorous testing in extreme conditions, you'll have comple...

February 1, 2022

10 Things You Need To Know About The NEW Next-Gen Ranger!

After a full eleven years since the previous T6 generation went on sale, Ford has recently revealed the smartest, most versatile and most capable Ranger yet - The Next Generation Ford Ranger! You can expect loads of new features accessible to drivers in more than 180 markets world-wide.  With years in the making, the Next-Gen Ranger is bigger, tougher, smarter and more refined with the option to personalise it with a comprehensive range of accessories available from ARB.  Whether for w...

January 1, 2022

The Happy Campers Guide to Camp Cooking

While heading away camping is great fun, when it comes to cooking (especially for families) it definitely can be a lot more work! The right tools and a little prep work can turn what's usually a pain in the neck, into a delicious, fun and stress free experience! Below are some great cooking solutions to have, useful tips and our favorite recipes to give a go when heading away to your favourite camping spot this Summer!...

December 1, 2021

Top Must Have Accessories When Heading Off-Road!

When you're heading off-road 4WD-ing with your mates or a planning a camping trip with the kids, the most important thing is to be prepared!  When it comes to accessories for your 4x4, there are ‘must haves’ and then there is 'nice to have’, so it’s best to start with the important items first. ...

November 1, 2021 Posts 1-8 of 8 | Page

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