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ARB BASE Rack - The Leading Choice Of Roof Rack

ARB'S BASE Rack is worlds apart from other racks when it comes to ease of use, engineering excellence and innovation. Since its release in 2020, customers all over the world are embracing its ingenuity and ability to be personalised. ARB's BASE Rack is quickly becoming the leading choice when it comes to roof racks and load-carrying solutions. Read on to learn why! 

Uncompromised Base Construction

ARB's BASE Rack is not just ultra-sleek, boasting a super low mounting profile, it's also extremely light and introduces customers to an unmatched level of simplicity, flexibility and personalisation in their roof rack set-up. To have a rack that could mount as close to the roofline as possible, ARB engineers created a design that didn't need a supporting subframe and would also be so rigid, there was no risk of flex under load. 

The BASE Rack is manufactured from extruded aluminium beams. To further increase the rack's overall rigidity, each beam is constructed of a single seamless box piece of aluminium with additional internal bracing for added strength, which runs the length of all internal and perimeter beams. Further strength to the overall rack design comes from running the internal cross beams perpendicular to the length of the rack and vehicle. This design element also makes for easier cartage of long and/or thin items such as timber, pipe, poles etc. 

A super low-profile rack allows no room for error and the final element of the strength pyramid was brought to market as a one-piece fully welded rack. Looking over the platform of the BASE Rack, you'll find no bolts, no structural screws and no rivets; this is robot welded for superior strength, accuracy and style. 

Fitted to a range of low-profile blade mounts, the final result is a sleek and extremely strong roof rack (suitable for applications of up to 200 kg) that not only allows for improved access into low clearance areas but also bloody good! 

Spend More Time Doing What You Love

Busy, modern-day lifestyles mean that it is more important than ever to spend as much time as possible doing the things you love. Whether that's getting out into the bush four-wheel driving, heading to your favourite campsite with the family or getting out and exploring your local backyard "must dos". The BASE Rack was designed so you can spend more time getting out there, ensuring swapping accessories and gear on your rack has never been easier or quicker. 


Choose your rack: The BASE Rack comes in a variety of different lengths and widths to suit a wide range of 4WDs in both wagon and dual-cab varieties. 

Add some rails of your choice: There are four options for the guard rails, which themselves are interchangeable. You're provided with a choice of full rails, 1/2 rails, 1/4 rails and trade rails. 

Pick your accessories: What are you wanting to carry? ARB's range of accessories includes everything from awning brackets to light bars and jack mounts. All are easy to attach and remove from the BASE Rack. 


The BASE Rack takes accessories and cargo loading to a whole new level of simplicity, speed and personalisation. Each accessory has been meticulously created by ARB Engineers with both innovative design and ease of use in mind. You can select from a wide range of accessories for your rack from awning brackets, lightbars, cargo bags and recovery gear to wheel straps and jerry cans. Bonus - All BASE Rack accessories are drill-free with many requiring no tools at all. 

Removeable Guard Rails

One of the core features of the BASE Rack is it's overall flexibility and the ease with which it adapts to suit your needs.

The selection of rail systems is no exception. The BASE Rack is sold as a low-profile platform and can be easily transformed into a trade rack or touring rack simply by installing the rail system that best suits your needs. 

The rails attach quickly and easily to the dovetail extrusion around the rack's perimeter with some additional fixing points at the corners of the rack. 

Personalisation and speed of adjustment were at the core of ARB'S BASE Rack design brief and the guard rails are no exception; owners can have a full guard rail system on or off in just a few minutes. 

Dovetail Extrusion

By incorporating a dovetail extrusion 360° around the outer perimeter as well as along each edge of the internal beams. ARB has created more possibilities for mounting locations while also lowering the mounting point to complement the overall low-profile design of the rack. 

Moving the fixing point from on top of the beams to the sides, means that there is more real estate on top of the roof rack. And by utilising a dovetail in lieu of a channel, you can attach and remove items without having to slide them along a channel, or remove any other accessories or facing points that are already in the channel. The combination of the dovetails extrusion and the complementary accessory range means far quicker interactions. 

Another benefit of the extrusion is that it won't collect dust and debris like channels tend to do. Each BASE Rack accessory or fixture attaches to the track with a simple clamp mount including larger hardware such as Hi-Lift jack mounts, rollers, recovery boards and even a BASE-Rack specific light bar. 

The Wind Factor

Running the internal beams perpendicular to the vehicle will get a few people in a tizz with the concern of increased wind noise. Rest assured that the ARB engineering team undertook extensive testing to ensure that the ARB BASE Rack is not only strong but also quiet! 

The wind noise testing revealed that the majority of the cabin noise from roof racks comes from the front perimeter cross section. This was overcome with a formed wind deflector mounted to the underside of the rack on wagons with blade mounts. The result... a very comfortable and quiet driving experience. 

Say Goodbye To Cables

Nothing ruins a sleek roof rack like meters of electrical cable and cable ties. Yet another advantage of the extruded aluminium beam design is that the electrical cabling can be fed either through the removable corner caps or by drilling a small entry point on a hidden inner fascia, wherever you are mounting your work or driving lights along the perimeter. ARB's revolutionary new electrical roof grommet allows all your electrical wires to neatly pass through the skin of your vehicle's roof and into appropriate pillar cavities for a seamless 12-volt connection. The new system is weatherproof and poses no threat to your vehicle's structural integrity.

So, whether you're an outback tourer or daily tradie, it's safe to say the humble roof rack has been the backbone of vehicle accessorising for decades; and with the introduction of ARB's BASE Rack and accessories, your load carrying just got easier! 


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