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4x4 Servicing

Maintaining, lubricating and servicing your vehicle is important for so many reasons. Not only does it save you time, and money on any big issues your car may have, but it could also save your life by identifying the issues early on. A regularly serviced vehicle will have a better chance of selling than one that hasn’t got a full-service history too. 

We recommend a service every 10,000 - 15,000km depending on the vehicle manufacturer or once a year (whichever comes first).

  • Full Vehicle Service (including 4x4 Servicing)
  • Basic Vehicle Service
  • Warranty Vehicle Service
  • Transmission Service
  • Power Steering Service
  • Cooling System Service


We have been servicing and repairing vehicles in Cambridge for 35 years and have qualified technicians who can either repair or replace parts in your vehicle. So if you have a job either big or small we can sort it.

  • Full Mechanical Repairs
  • Clutch & Brake Repairs
  • Gearbox Rebuilds & Repairs
  • Rear Axle Repairs
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Cambelt Replacements
  • Exhaust System Repairs
  • Cooling System Repairs (Radiator Water Pump)
  • General Electrical Repairs
  • Major Engine Repairs (Overhauling)
  • Minor Engine Repairs (Cylinder Head & Head Gaskets)
  • Tyres - Fitting and Balancing

Warrants of Fitness (WOF’s)

Legislation requires vehicles to have warrants of fitness’s to ensure that you, your passengers and other drivers are safe on our road.  We have four on-site WOF inspectors who are trained and authorised by NZTA to conduct these inspections.

  • Car Warrant of Fitness
  • Trailer Warrant of Fitness
  • COF pre checks

Exhaust Systems, Engine Tuning & Diagnostics

Are you looking to enhance the performance of your vehicle? Talk to us about a beefed up exhaust system, ECU re-map or electronic diagnosis of your vehicle


Is your vehicle hard starting?  Does your engine light regularly come on?  Are some of your electrical systems in your vehicle shutting down? 

If you have answered yes to any of the above, it may be time for a new battery.  Bring your vehicle in and we will test your batteries performance.

We are authorised stockists of AA batteries and can replace your battery to ensure your vehicle starts when and where you need it.

Shocks Absorbers & Suspension

Whether it’s out of necessity because your suspension is shot or you’ve purchased a new ute that’s not cutting the mustard, suspension replacements or up-grades may be what your ute needs to ensure it handles safely on the road.

Most new utes are now designed as multipurpose workhorses and come with factory fitted suspension which has been fine-tuned for comfort. However we all use our vehicles for different reasons whether it’s to drive to work, drop the kids at school, tow the horse float, work the farm or carry tools to a job, your vehicle has to do its bit to get the job done properly, safely and comfortably.

  • Does your ute or 4x4 sag in the rear? Your vehicle’s suspension absorbs bumps and impact whilst driving and to carry the vehicles weight and load to ensure you can drive and steer your vehicle safely. If there’s too much weight in the rear, the vehicle will sag and may cause your vehicle’s steering to become loose or feel like it’s ‘floating’ and it may be difficult to keep the vehicle on the road.
  • Does your vehicle drift or pull to one side? If your vehicle has worn suspension it will become unstable on the road – you may notice it pulls to one side or drifts across the road when driving round corners or passing other vehicles.
  • Do you feel like you’re nose diving? When applying the brakes to stop – does it feel like your vehicle is nose diving or dipping forward? Worn suspension will not allow the vehicle to stop safely and the front end of the vehicle will nosedive or lose control whilst trying to make a sudden stop.
  • Are your tyres wearing unevenly? Check your tyres out – are they wearing unevenly or have bald spots? The suspension is what keeps your tyres in contact with the road so tyres that are wearing unevenly or have bald spots may be an indicator that your suspension isn’t working properly, therefore, putting uneven amounts of pressure on your tyres.
  • Are your shocks damaged or have oily/greasy residue on them? Struts and shocks are filled with oil/gas and won’t work properly if this is leaking out. Check out whether there is any oily residue on your shocks or struts – this could be a sign they need replacing.

4WD Solutions are stockists of Australia’s leading brands of suspension components – Old Man Emu, Airbagman Airbags and Drivetech 4x4.

GVM Upgrades

The total amount of weight a 4x4 vehicle can legally and capably carry can be limited. And when you start loading it up with basic tools, equipment and two or three adult occupants, the additional weight will bring the vehicle close to its legal maximum weight (GVM) in most cases.  And if the vehicle has a custom body fitted, bull bars, winches, side steps, roof racks, recovery gear etc. the vehicle could be well beyond the Original Equipment allowable Gross Vehicle Mass.  If a vehicle is carrying beyond its capabilities it is:

  1. Illegal – you could incur a hefty fine
  2. Unsafe – the vehicle could be unsafe to drive which becomes a health and safety issue
  3. Void your insurance – your insurance company may not cover you if you have an accident

If you have vehicles in your fleet that have service bodies laden with tools, drawer systems, water/oil tanks, compressors, ladder racks etc. there's a very high probability that your vehicle could be over the GVM and need a GVM up-grade. 
We are approved installers of Australia’s leading brand of suspension Old Man Emu (OME).  We supply and install OME GVM Upgrade suspension kits which have been fully track tested in conjunction with a Certified Automotive Engineering Signatory over many days to achieve maximum stability, braking performance, ADR (Australian Design Rules) conformity and operator comfort.  NZTA recognise and accept the Australian Design Rules here in New Zealand.

Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignments enhance the drivability of your vehicle and improves its performance, keeping all four of your wheels driving smoothly. A well aligned vehicle will extend the life span of your tyres and can save heaps on fuel depending on the alignment required:

If you think your vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment please contact us.  We also have the latest wheel alignment machine with a 5 tonne scissor lift hoist that can take bigger vehicles like the GMC’s, Ford 150 & 250’s etc.

4WD Fitouts & Rebuilds

Whether you’re looking to totally up-spec your ute with a complete accessory fit-out or looking to rebuild an existing model, we can help.  Talk to the team now.

Accessory Fitting

From bullbars to batteries - we are fully authorised to fit and install all accessories and parts we sell.  It is paramount that after-market accessories fitted to your vehicle are fitted by trained technicians to ensure your vehicle operates and functions correctly and complies with the vehicle’s specifications.

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