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The Happy Campers Guide to Camp Cooking

While heading away camping is great fun, when it comes to cooking (especially for families) it definitely can be a lot more work! The right tools and a little prep work can turn what's usually a pain in the neck, into a delicious, fun and stress free experience! Below are some great cooking solutions to have, useful tips and our favorite recipes to give a go when heading away to your favourite camping spot this Summer!


Plan your meals, whether you are going for one day or a few weeks prepping will not only improve your holiday experience and reduce stress at meal times, but it will make shopping much easier and ensure you don't forget anything. 

Prepare your meals and/or condiments in advance - Having meals already made or mostly made is amazing when out camping, it means more time for activities and relaxing - you're on holiday after all! Cooking a delicious meal at home with everything you need accessible to you and then simply reheating it is at the camp site complete lifesaver! Fancy some campfire pancakes for those happy campers? A great idea is premix all your dry ingredients in a re-useable bag to free up precious cargo space and for convivence come breakfast time! *Tip - take a photo of the recipe or write the cooking instructions on the bag. 

Having a range of leak proof containers to put all the prepared food in is another essential part in the preparing meals as you want everything to be kept fresh and secure. (Nothing worse than squashed bread or soggy biscuits!)


There are many ways to cook when out camping if you don't have a caravan or camper trailer and this will likely come down to how often you head away, where you typically go, available cargo space and of course your budget. 

A good quality Camp Oven is a fantastic option for cooking over the fire with coals. They are generally made from cast iron or spun steel. A Camp Stove is another great option, available in a range of sizes, depending on how much you want to cook at once and the space you have in your vehicle to transport it, including what you need to power the stove. Butane powered? Or LPG-fueled? 

One of our favorite ways to cook when out camping is with ARB's Fire Pit. This new five-piece collapsible Fire Pit is built tough, versatile and is compact to transport assembles in seconds!
Designed and built in Australia with BlueScope’s REDCOR steel, which is rust-proof Australian steel designed to develop a patina coating through use. Featuring pre-cut holes suitable for a spit motor and rod, the Fire Pit comes with a removable grill so you can cook directly over the fire. Imagine sitting around with a cold one, spinning yarns while you watch and smell your roast lamb cook away! We're certain it doesn't get much better than this. Great for camping trips and backyard adventures!

For those who head away often and prefer the luxury and convenience of a fully working kitchen, installing an ARB Kitchen Slide in your 4WD is the way to go. Fully on-board, integrated and perfectly practical slide kitchen, contained within an ARB Modular Draw frame. You'll have everything at your finger tips, including the kitchen sink! 

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