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What Portable Fridge Freezer Will Suit Me Best?

Portable Fridge Freezer - Buyers Guide

Say goodbye to digging around in ice while looking for a can at the bottom of your chilly bin; no more water-logged steaks, soggy bread or floating grapes. – Experience the convenience of a portable fridge freezer with ARB's comprehensive range. 

ARB's portable Fridge Freezers can be fitted to your boat, car, caravan or camper trailer, and are all backed by a comprehensive three-year warranty. Engineered in Australia and undergone rigorous testing in extreme conditions, you'll have complete peace of mind of quality and dependability when choosing an ARB Portable Fridge Freezer. Available in a range of capacities with a temperature range from -22 degrees to + 10 degrees celsius, providing you with the convenience of refrigerated or frozen food and drinks whether you're at the worksite, beach, off-road or anywhere in between! 

What portable Fridge Freezer will suit me best? Below, we will cover the key differences between each of the fridge lines to ensure you're able to choose the best ARB Fridge Freezer for you.



  • Wide temperature adjustment range for easy freezing or refrigerating -22 degrees to + 10 degrees celsius
  • Battery protection to ensure your vehicle's battery does not die
  • Built to handle rigorous terrain
  • Internal dairy/fruit compartment
  • Comprehensive three-year warranty
  • Three different fridge freezer lines; Zero, Classic, and Elements. 



Are you just wanting to keep your lunch or bevvy's cold? Then you may not need freezer capability, but it is essential if you're away for more than a few days or more at a time. Dual-zoned fridges give you the luxury of a fridge and freezer in one and are the most convenient, especially as you can prepare meals in advance and freeze them for longer trips. 



The latest addition to ARB Fridge line is loaded with unique features to make your outdoor experience as carefree as possible. Available in either single- or dual-zone, and in a range of five different sizes from 36L to 96L, the ARB ZERO Fridge Freezer is a must-have for anyone in need of a premium cooling product, with the option of dual zones. 


  • Single Zone - Just looking at keeping your meals and drinks cool? The ARB ZERO Single Zone portable fridge/freezer is available in the popular 36 L, 44L (both with a front-facing lid) and 60L (a reversible, side opening lid) ideal for mounting in your vehicle, camper trailer or caravan.
  • Dual Zone -  Wanting to keep the cans cool and the meals frozen on those longer journeys? Look no further than the ARB Zero 69L (Features a removable compartment divider (white), remove to create a single zone fridge or freezer and pick up 4L of space) or the 96L with fixed compartments.
  • Wireless Monitoring & Control - Simply download the Zero Fridge App on a smartphone or tablet for complete fridge control and monitoring. This convenient feature is handy when you forget to power on the fridge, adjust the temperature. The app also allows users to create presets for easy fridge adjustments. It's LINX compatible too!
  • Power Port & Integrated Battery Protection System - Features front and rear DC ports while also incorporating front AC and USB ports. The conveniently located power ports make switching from AC to DC a simple task. The fridge will automatically switch to AC power and conserve your vehicle’s battery. The USB 5V, 3,000mA outlet is perfect for charging cell phones and cameras.
  • Quick-Release Lid - Single Zone 36L and 44L have a front opening, non-reversable lid, whereas the 60L has a side opening with a reversible lid. Dual Zone 69L features a single lid with a secondary internal compartment lid and the 96L has individual compartment lids, all Zero Fridge Freezer lids are removable.
  • Boost Mode - The Zero Boost Mode will ramp up the speed of the compressor when you need to cool items fast.
  • LED Interior Light  - Low power draw LED interior light.
  • Steel Outer Casing - Tough, durable steel outer casing. 
  • Power Pack - The optional ARB Zero Power Pack provides complete portability beyond your vehicle which is perfect for a day on the beach or lake. The 15Ah lithium battery will run your Zero Fridge Freezer for up to 18 hours. Only compatible with ARB Zero Fridge Freezers.

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The Classic Series II range of Fridge Freezers includes an advanced electronic control system now with complete mobile control via the ARB Fridge Freezer app. Additional new features include a dimmable backlit touchpad for easy nighttime operation and a 12V power input readout for simple voltage monitoring on the display.

With the optional App Connect Transmitter (sold separately), owners can take full control of adjusting and monitoring all fridge settings including temperature and battery protection. Wireless access can be controlled on either an ARB LINX unit or a smart device with the Fridge Connect App (available through Google Play and the App Store. 


  • Lid with Integrated Seal - Tough, two-piece injection-moulded lid incorporates a recessed seal, preventing excessive wear and damage.
  • Integrated Three-Stage Battery Protection System - Built-in 12/24V DC power integrated battery protection system.
  • Control Panel - Backlit, dimmable LED temperature display/control panel - buttons illuminate upon touch for simple nighttime viewing and operation.
  • Tough Steel Outer Casing - Powder coated, robust zinc steel cabinet sides designed to withstand extreme off-road conditions.
  • Drain Plug - Convenient drain plug for simple cleaning.
  • Reversible Basket with Divider - Multiple storage options by separating fridge contents or allowing longer items to be positioned along the length of the cabinet.
  • Internal LED Light - Rear-facing internal cabinet LED light with a magnetic switch.

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This 60L Fridge Freezer has many unique features that not only protect and secure but also make accessing your food and drinks even easier, in or out of your vehicle, boat, camper or trailer.  

Re-engineered to survive naked out in the elements, 365 days of the year! It really is the ultimate cooling companion for any outdoor adventurer or Tradie. 


  • Stainless Steel Exterior - With a body and hinges chiseled from stainless steel, anodised aluminium latches, UV resistant trim and clever, protected placement of electrical connections, the new ARB weatherproof fridge is capable of withstanding anything Mother Nature can throw at it.
  • Gas Strut - Designed to hold the lid open in any position.
  • ASA Protective Corner Pieces - Extra surface protection against surface damage on the main body and lid of the Elements.
  • Weatherproof Design - Main body and lid constructed from 304 grade stainless steel with raised feature forming and embossed ARB logos on both sides of the cabinet. Weatherpoof Control Panel is sealed and made to tolerate weather exposure.
  • AC/DC - Recessed rear AC and DC power sockets.
  • Internal Storage - Reversible basket with removable divider.
  • Strong Hardware - Heavy duty tamperproof cast stainless steel hinges (non-removable lid).
  • LED Light - New slimline LED rear facing interior light.
  • Added Security - Electronic security locking system that is pass-code protected, as well as tamperproof bolts for permanent mount options.
  • Padlock Compatible - Provision for padlock - added security (padlock not supplied).

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