The Baja Boss sets a new standard in extreme off-road tyres. It's virtually unstoppable as the advanced PowerPly XD™ 3 ply construction, combined with a new tread pattern - eats up rocks, clay and mud. Get used to waiting for your mates, they'll need to take the long way around to get to where the Baja Boss will take you. 


  • 50% LARGER SIDEBITERS. - The next generation four-pitch Sidebiters are 50% larger than any other previous Mickey Thompson radial tyre, giving you improved off-road traction in extreme conditions.

  • STONE EJECTOR RIBS. - Stone ejector ribs discharge and propel rocks away from the tread, reducing stone retention and stone drilling.

  • ASYMMETRICAL TREAD PATTERN. - Reduces noise and improves traction, both on-road and off-road.

  • COMPOUND FORMULA. - Mickey Thompson Tyres use an exclusive compound recipe utilising chemically-coupled silica, lowering rolling resistance while enhancing grip and improving cut and chip resistance working together to extend the tyre's life.

  • CARCASS CONSTRUCTION. - New PowerPly XD adds up to 50% extra denier cord to provide even greater puncture resistance, improved handling and quicker steering response than our original PowerPly. 

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