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30% ROAD & SAND, 70% DIRT & MUD

The NEW MTZP3, an evolution to the successful MTZ, is the ultimate mud tyre. With improved compound for more mileage and a new sidebiter for improved off-road traction, this is the most complete off-road tyre Mickey has made.

The Baja MTZP3 is designed to meet the needs of the true thrill-seeker and is not for the faint-hearted. It has Mickey Thompson's PowerPly technology with a special angled third ply to give you high performance handling, better puncture resistance and improved towing capability. Infused with a unique rubber compound and featuring the latest technology in tread design, the MTZP3 is crafted to be pushed to its limits!


  • TRUMPED WITH TRACTION - Angled scalloped shoulder lugs guide loose mud and soil into the mud scoops and away from the tread for self-cleaning and ultimate traction. Small, intricate micro gauge sipes enhance traction and reduce cutting and chipping.
  • VARIABLE DRAFT ANGLES & STONE EJECTORS - Stone ejector ribs and variable draft angles discharge and propel rocks away from the tread, reducing stone retention and stone drilling.
  • AGGRESSIVE SIDEBITERS - Flex groove, aggressive sidebiter and sidebiter voids work together to flex and dampen the impact generated by inconsistent terrain. These are a must for any off-road tyre, like having tread on the sidewall, combined with the Flex Groove allows the sidewall to mold to the terrain, giving more traction off-road and greatly reducing the chance of sidewall damage.
  • COMPOUND FORMULA - Stone ejector ribs and variable draft angles discharge and propel rocks away from the tread, reducing stone retention and stone drilling. The T4 Compound from the successful ATZP3 is used in the MTZP3, featuring high-silica and reinforced treadcap stock to improve cut and chip resistance, for higher mileage and wet traction. Inside every molecule, every cell of the MTZP3, is a unique mixture of cutting and chipping resistant particles, and a high concentration of silica. It's this unique compound formula that extends the life of your tyres in tough situations and prolonged outback use.
  • CARCASS CONSTRUCTION - Cut back the many layers that make up the MTZP3, and deep inside you'll find not two, but three layers of plies, with the third on an 8° angle - Mickey's unique PowerPly. 

PowerPly increases casing strength which improves traction, stability, towing and reduces the chance of tyre damage. 

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