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Air Lockers



Just one push of a button and you’re back on track!
Lose traction without an air locker and your wheels just spin and spin. Regular differentials won’t help. In fact, they hinder. Regular differentials are designed to allow each wheel to turn independently –just when you need thrust.
You could be stuck in the mud, stuck in the dirt, stuck in the bush for …well, until help arrives. And help can be costly so an ARB air locker not only provides you with peace of mind; at some stage it will almost certainly be called into action. You’ll have the traction you need, when you need it, at the flick of a switch, all within the safety and comfort of the driver’s seat.
Created to provide 100% traction on demand, without sacrificing any of your vehicle’s highway driving performance, ARB air lockers employ a 12V air compressor designed to activate (and deactivate) a solid and durable locking mechanism inside the differential.
The advantage of ARB’s air lockers lies in the pneumatically operated locking system that prevents the differential gears from rotating and therefore prevents the axle shafts from turning independently of each other. It reduces the likelihood of both vehicle and environmental

ARB air lockers are available in more than 100 configurations to suit just about every 4x4 vehicle. It can be installed in both front and rear axles. ARB also offers three compressor models suitable for air locker operation, two of which can also be used to inflate tyres and other
equipment. For total peace of mind, all ARB air lockers are backed by a comprehensive, five year, unlimited kilometre warranty.

ARB's relentless commitment to research and design, the use of quality materials, and an uncompromising approach to manufacturing have all contributed to the Air Locker’s success in over 100 countries worldwide.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, ARB Air Lockers will enhance the traction of your 4×4 in just about any terrain, whether it’s rock, clay, gravel, sand, snow or mud.

Now with a state-of-the-art two piece design available right across the range, forged gears for the ultimate in strength and durability, and an industry leading five year warranty, ARB Air Lockers are better built and better backed than ever before.

There is both front and rear Air Lockers available for your vehicle. *May not apply to all variants, please confirm with the team at 4WD Solutions.

Forged Gears
Strength, durability and resistance to fatigue in all Air Locker components is paramount. With phenomenal forces being applied to the side and pinion gears within the differential, ARB has invested heavily in the application of forged gears, typically found in heavy duty commercial, race and agricultural transmissions. When combined with ARB’s patented ‘timed gear’ design, the resulting strength of the whole assembly is amplified.

Two Piece Design
Housing this superior internal gear train in a two-piece case brings further benefits. Machining a case from two pieces instead of three results in a much higher dimensional accuracy of the finished assembly and has allowed ARB engineers to improve the design of other elements, resulting in a reduction of moving parts, increased strength and a more responsive activation.

For total peace of mind, all ARB Air Lockers are backed by a comprehensive, five year, unlimited kilometre warranty. Coupled with ARB’s network of distributors throughout New Zealand, you can be sure we'll be there to support you in the unlikely event of an issue.

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