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When it came to designing a new tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) it was imperative that ARB developed a system that worked both on-and off-road. The Series II TPMS not only suits both driving styles but also works with four-wheel drive vehicles and trailers.

The ARB TPMS Series II offers two profiles for the user, on-road mode for general driving and off-road mode used to monitor up to 5 tyres. This is an internal system that utilizes new valve stems with integral sensors that monitor the pressure and send that information to the display that is mounted inside the vehicle.

Trailer-tyre monitoring can be achieved by adding the optional trailer repeater to the system which provides support to monitor up to 4 extra tires (9 tyres in total). This addition allows you to monitor the tyre pressure for your trailer and vehicle at once.

Off-road mode is achieved by pressing the set button twice. This changes the pre-set profiles and causes a faster response on the display to any change in tire pressures. To alert the user, the screen will change to an amber color when in off-road mode. For example, in the on-road setting the user has set the tyre pressure to 36psi per axle, if the user drives off-road they can have their tyre pressure pre-set to a different psi. This means as soon as they’re ready to go off-road, they drop the tyres to the pre-set psi and change the ARB TPMS to off-road mode with two simple button clicks.


  • 5 Internal sensors
  • World-leading manufactured Schrader sensors
  • Alerts for when pressure varies more than +/-25% of set psi
  • User-adjustable alert threshold on road
  • User-adjustable alert threshold off road
  • Tyre-leakage alarm
  • Low-pressure alarm
  • High-temperature alarm
  • High-pressure alarm
  • Pressure monitoring range: 5-99psi/0.3 6.82 bar
  • Battery life: up to 5 years
  • Includes pairing tool for simple set up

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