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The Safari ARMAX 'X Series' Engine Control Unit (ECU) is designed to work harmoniously with your vehicle's OE Engine Control Unit resulting in more power, more torque, better throttle response, less fuel consumption and less turbo lag. This is all backed up by Safari‚Äôs sophisticated engine protection systems which are constantly live to monitor your vehicle for total drivetrain safety and ultimate reliability. 

The ARMAX ECU has 5 pre-calibrated maps for all user conditions but can be altered to suit specific applications. The plug and play wiring harness makes installation quick and easy and vehicle specific mounting bracketry complements the installation. The Safari ARMAX 'X Series' ECU is the total package, no upgrades are required, and no additional units are needed. It is a total system solution specifically designed for your 4x4 vehicle.

The 'X Series' ARMAX ECU increases the open duration and the injection timing point of the fuel injector, allowing more diesel fuel to enter the combustion chamber. Due to the increase in fuel, the boost pressure the engine receives from the turbocharger is increased, optimizing the air-fuel ratio. The result is increased engine power, torque, and better throttle response.

In some applications, the fuel system pressure is increased at specific engine RPM points and load demands to ensure accurate fuel delivery to the injector. 

This approach ensures the service life of the mechanical components in the fuel system are not influenced. Another Standard feature of the ARMAX ECU is the ability to change the throttle sensitivity, this feature can be tailored to individual driver requirements.

The 'X Series' ARMAX ECU blends seamlessly with the factory ECU due to its ability to sense engine load from multiple sources such as Engine RPM, Manifold Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Throttle Position and Exhaust Gas Temperature. From here the ECU very precisely calculates the engine load and accordingly adjusts the parameters to meet the pre-calibrated demand.

The ARMAX ECU delivers a strong yet very smooth power enhancement, as the driver demands more power the ECU delivers more power.


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