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Cooper Tyres


Maximized Towing. Ultimate hauling. Incredible durability. Need we say more?

The Discoverer AT3 XLT tyre is built to handle heavy loads or tow some serious weight while providing a smooth ride on highways. Plus, its construction offers the durability, traction and power to help bring the true utility out of your pickup truck.

The new generation all-terrain AT3XLT™. America’s most trusted 4×4 tyre, tested and proven in Australia.

  • Mileage Warranty – Guaranteed to last up to 80,000kms
  • Rugged shoulders increase off-road traction
  • Even on-road treadwear – Even Wear Arc ™ Technology
  • Reduced road noise – Whisper Grooves ™ Technology
  • Safeguard – Stone ledges eject stones and gravel.

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