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Cooper Tyres


Guaranteed to last you longer

With Cooper Tires you get the latest technology in tread design, carcass construction and compound formula for strength, safety, stability, performance, and value for money.

Tested and proven in NZ, with a mileage warranty of up to 80,000kms. You get a tyre designed to go the distance and that’s what makes Cooper, Tyres worth owning.

Why Cooper Tyres?

Mileage Warranty - The Cooper Tyres mileage 'Guaranteed to Last' ranges from 40,000km up to 80,000kms. 

Tested all around the World - 2 millions kms of testing in the world's harshest conditions, all to make sure Cooper Tyres remain - America's Most Trusted Tyre. 

Join the 100k Club - Cooper Tyres exclusive 100k club recognises drivers that have travelled in excess of 100,000km on one set of Cooper's. 

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