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The EGR & DPF emissions systems can become problematic during the lifespan of your vehicle for numerous reasons. 

An option to save on costly repairs is to remove them from the vehicle. This is done via ECU data modification and component removal (if needed).

ECU modifications start at $500 and component removal costs vary from vehicle to vehicle (please note that some component removal may be irreversible).

Things to keep in mind for a DPF removal:
 - Removing the DPF is a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) failure
 - WOF inspectors will require your vehicle to have an emissions certification in order to pass the     Warrant of Fitness (WOF).
 - We take no responsibility for any costs incurred by having your EGR & DPF removed.

What does an EGR delete do?
An EGR delete is an aftermarket process that removes/changes the EGR set-up on your vehicle and prevents the exhaust gases from being redirected back to the engine. 

EGR / DPF deletes cost $500 each (including GST).

If you want an In-House ECU Remap we offer a set price of $1,500 (including GST) which includes the EGR & DPF Delete (this set price is for ECU modifications only).

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