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When your vehicle rolled off the factory floor, its performance was deliberately reduced to ensure it met product planning objectives, economy targets or efficiency demands. These reductions are not a mechanical factor, but are made by the software running the Engine Control Unit (ECU). While you are driving, the ECU continually runs algorithms which control every parameter, such as ignition timing, air/fuel ratio and boost pressure. Both chips and remaps alter the ECU algorithms, thereby increasing the performance and pulling power of your vehicle, reducing lag, and improving fuel economy.

It is important to know exactly what each option involves- especially since not all chips and remaps are equal. No doubt you’ve heard of the stigma surrounding engine chips? There are a huge variety of poorly manufactured engine chips out there that offer very little performance gain, and could potentially harm your vehicle. All the more reason why you should be aware of: the differences between chips and remaps, how they affect your warranty, and what is safe for your vehicle.
Depending on your vehicle’s requirements, Torqit has developed both a Power Module engine chip, and a ModuleMap remapping solution.

To learn more about the differences between a Power Module and a ModuleMap CLICK HERE.

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