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The last thing anyone wants when they’re out on the road is a dead battery. Give yourself peace of mind and the freedom to drive as far as your journey takes you with REDARC’s selection of battery chargers, testers and battery management systems.

Charge better with REDARC

No matter the battery type you’re after for your vehicle, REDARC have the solution with an advanced selection of dual battery isolators and in DC to DC battery chargers. REDARC’s dual battery systems are systematically designed to protect your start battery from excessive discharging during multi-battery applications. Built using REDARC’s advanced Smart Start SBI technology, our dual battery isolators are available in 12VDC and 24VDC operating voltage, as well as 100A and 200A current ratings.

Our wide selection of in vehicle battery chargers feature 100% proven technology that delivers and maintains optimal charge regardless of its type or size.  Select from a diverse range of input (operating) voltage, output voltage and current ratings to find the perfect combination for your vehicle.

To assist with your battery stage charging, REDARC also provide a variety of convenient battery management systems and battery testers that give you full visibility of your battery and its needs. Incorporating state-of-the-art systems, REDARC’s battery management systems are designed to charge and maintain auxiliary batteries used in recreational automotive and marine vehicles. Our selection of battery testers will also ensure that the state of your battery health is always top notch, accurately reporting on all 12V lead acid batteries.

Before selecting any of our battery charging products, be sure to find out what the best dual battery setup you require for your vehicle using the free REDARC Dual Battery Selector tool.
Having the right charging and maintaining tool for your vehicle is essential for long trips, four wheel driving, work vehicles and even just general day to day commutes. You never know when your battery may need a reboot, but with REDARC’s advanced battery charging technology you’ll always be one step ahead.

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