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BFGoodrich Tyres

BFGoodrich Tyres


Off-Road Tyres

For people looking for toughness, rugged dependability or tyres to take you off the beaten track. Browse our selection of off-road, 4x4 and 4WD tyres and find what suits your driving needs. 

Whether driving on-road, off-road or hauling freight - we are not the kinds of drivers to just sit back and watch. We're hands-on, take-the-wheel doers who actively seek the opportunity to prove ourselves. And we never quit until the job is done.

Our brand is built for driving enthusiasts, by driving enthusiasts, which is why it is our promise to always offer the following:

  • PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCES - We stand shoulder to shoulder with our customers at a multitude of events all over the world. From trade shows to small grassroots efforts — if you know a race or community that we need to be a part of, let us know.
  • EXTREME CAPABILITY - On- and off-road, we provide unmatched capability through tires designed for performance in difficult and extreme conditions. 
  • PROVEN CREDIBILITY - In competition and everyday life, we've erased all doubt about our capability on the road, off the road and over the road.
  • PURPOSEFUL DESIGN - Whether for performance or appearance, every design is crafted with a purpose.

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