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The AMP Terrain Attack M/T was designed to perform in the most extreme conditions while offering improved grip and handling for better on-road performance. The 3-ply "A" logo side wall provides biting edges that provide outstanding grip in mud, rock, sand, snow and more. A full range of sizes up to 37 inches tall, the Terrain Attack M/T will conquer anything in its path.


  • TWIN LUGSIDEWALL - Reinforced sidewall boasts "A" logo lug design which provides dynamic biting edges to maintain grip through the most extreme conditions or when airing down tyres.
  • TREAD DEPTH - The tread pattern is aggressively designed to remove mud, dirt, snow and debris while keeping continuous contact for superior off road traction and better on-road control.
  • PERFORMANCE TREAD DESIGN - The deep sipes and distinct channel design significantly increase traction in wet conditions.
  • OFF ROAD PERFORMANCE - The unique shoulder design features a staggered tread block that provides reliable grip in unreliable terrain and consistent traction for better on road performance.

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