Fit & Forget SumoSprings

Drivetech SumoSprings are the world’s first and only load assist ‘airless airbag’ suspension system that have been specifically designed to prevent rear sag and keep your vehicle level when carrying heavy loads. They are the ultimate ‘load leveling device’ suitable for late model leaf sprung utes and for when towing boats, trailers, campervans etc.
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It really is as simple as 'Fit & Forget'!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much load can I carry?
Drivetech SumoSprings have been designed to assist in levelling your vehicle and reducing body roll when carrying load. You should never exceed the vehicles gross vehicle mass rating.

I constantly go off road, will my vehicles suspension travel be affected if I fit Drivetech SumoSprings?
Drivetech SumoSprings have developed a revolutionary variable load spring. This innovatively design spring separates to allow unrestricted suspension articulation.

What happens to my variable load bags if I go through mud?
The variable load Drivetech SumoSpring has been designed with the male guide section of the spring mounted below the female section of the spring. This reduces the risk any foreign matter becoming lodged between the two spring sections.

Can I install my Drivetech SumoSprings myself?
Yes. All Drivetech SumoSprings come with an exploded view schematic and detailed fitting instructions.

Why are Drivetech SumoSprings shaped with buldged sides?
Shape factor and durometer (density) are the two criteria that most effect spring rates. By varying durometer and shape factor, a wide range of spring curves can be achieved.

What happens if the male section of my variable load bag breaks off?
Due to the nature of the Drivetech SumoSprings microcellular polyurethane material, it is highly unlickley that any part of your Drivetech SumoSprings would dislodge.

Will my chassis fatigue if I fit Drivetech SumoSprings?
Your Drivetech SumoSprings have been designed as a load levelling device. You should never exceed your gross vehicle mass rating. By correctly positioning your load and never exceeding the GVM rating, your risk of chassis fatigue will be very low.
How often do I need to check or maintain my Drivetech SumoSprings?
Never. Drivetech SumoSprings are 100% maintenance free. Simply fit it and forget it.

Will my Drivetech SumoSpring be adversely affected if punctured?
No. Drivetech SumoSprings are made from a microcellular polyurethane material. As no air is present in the springs, you could literally push a screw driver through your Drivetech SumoSpring and not affect its performance or load carrying ability.

My vehicle has been raised from standard can I fit Drivetech SumoSprings?
Spacer blocks have been designed in 1 inch and 2 inch sizes to allow vehicle that have had a suspension lift to benefit from Drivetech SumoSprings.

I currently have airbags, can I retro-fit Drivetech SumoSprings into my existing system?
Drivetech SumoSprings have been designed to fit into existing air bag brackets. If you are tired of maintaining your existing air bags or have a failure and never want to be stuck again, simply remove your existing airbag and fit a set of Drivetech SumoSprings.

Will Drivetech SumoSprings prolong the life of my leaf springs
By assisting in the load carrying capability of your vehicle, Drivetech SumoSprings progressively take up your load and reduce the level of stress and pressure put on your leaf springs.

I have standard suspension do I need to upgrade my leaf springs before fitting Drivetech SumoSprings?
Drivetech SumoSprings can be fitted to original equipment leaf springs or vehicles that have had suspension lifts of up to 2 inches.

Do I have to adjust my Drivetech SumoSprings depending on my load?
The progressive spring rate of Drivetech SumoSprings means that the vehicle will always perform at an ideal level.

Will Drivetech SumoSprings alter my ride comfort?
Drivetech SumoSprings microcellular polyurethane springs have been specially designed to offer little resistance when unloaded. The progressive rate of the spring activates when load is applied. This means weather loaded or unloaded your vehicles rebound resilience is increased making for a stable, smooth and level ride.

I spend a lot of time in colder climates will this affect the performance of my Drivetech SumoSprings?
Drivetech SumoSprings have been tried and tested in temperatures from -30°C to +80°C  with no deterioration in performance.

Will the “Constant Load” Drivetech SumoSpring split or tear if stretched?
Drivetech SumoSprings have the ability to stretch to 30% of there unloaded height with full memory rebound. Based on Australian vehicle testing, most standard suspension travel distance is within this range.

What's the Warranty on Drivetech SumoSprings?
Drivetech SumoSprings are backed by a 2 year / 40,000km warranty.

How long will my Drivetech SumoSprings last?
Drivetech SumoSprings have been tested in Australia over the two years without detriment or signs of deterioration. Market intelligence indicates that Drivetech SumoSprings will last longer than an airbag…