A Safari snorkel relocates your engine's air intake point from a relatively low and vulnerable position under the bonnet to a much higher and safer location where a constant source of cool, clean air is available.
    * Individually designed to suit specific vehicle models
    * UV stable crosslinked polyethylene body for the ultimate in strength
    * High flow air ducting and body ensures air supply in excess of engine requirements
    * Each component is designed for maximum dust and water sealing
    * Stainless steel and plated hardware for corrosion resistance
    * Fully compatible with optional 7" or 10" precleaners – some models
    * Unique evacuation system effectively disperses rain and unwanted moisture


Plastic ain’t Plastic!  Snorkel Systems Manufactured in China = Inferior Quality

People place a great deal of trust in a snorkel system and over the years, Safari snorkels have built a reputation as the ultimate insurance against engine damage from dust and water.

UV RATINGS OF PLASTIC MATERIALS - Overseas products don’t suit the Australasian environment.

Not unlike the UV rating of sunblock creams on humans; the UV number applied to Plastics being exposed to the sun's UV rays, indicates the snorkel material's resistance to UV damage - and consequently, life of the snorkel.  The higher the UV rating number, the greater the protection, hence advanced component life can be expected.  It is not uncommon to see Safari snorkels that are over 20 years of age, still looking great with zero cracking and no discernable hardening. This is what consumers demand!

The biggest problem with inferior products sourced from China is that the base material used is at best only a fraction of the UV rating required for long life and crack-free operation. Some manufacturers even tout that they source materials from quality international suppliers such as Mobil Exxon - but fail to warn the consumer that these products typically have a UV rating of only 8. This means that unless the snorkel products are kept out of the sunlight, they will degrade rapidly and require replacement well within the life span of the vehicle that the snorkel is fitted to.

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"Big thanks for the professional work done on my triton, the snorkel and bash guard look great and your service was awesome. Imagine my surprise to find out on the way home that the snorkel dropped my fuel consumption back into single figures for the first time since replacing my tyres. We worked out that after 4000km the snorkel will have paid for itself!"

"Imagine how much happier I'll be with the 20mm lift and the front and rear bars!"


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