DEEGAN 38 - 40% Road & Sand - 60% Dirt & Mud
The Deegan 38 tyre is designed in co-operation with racing icon Brian Deegan.  It is an all-purpose mud terrain tyre with aggressive style & performance.

    * NEW COMPOUND FORMULA designed to improve on-road performance and reduce chipping off-road.

    * MICRO-GAUGE SIPING is used in premium off-road tyres to improve wet road performance.
    * LARGE OUTER VOIDS - help to fire out the mud to make sure you don't get bogged down when you are up to your ears in mud!
    * SCALLOPED SHOULDER LUGS combined with large outer voids help to release and spit out more mud and rocks to improve off-road traction    

   * HIGH-TENSILE CORDS are 33% stronger than standard tensile cords.
   * SUPER-TENSILE STEEL BELTS are 15% stronger than high-tensile steel belts.  Both improve puncture         resistance & performance under load.