BAJA STZ - 70% Road & Sand 30% Dirt & Mud
The Baja STZ gives excellent on-road performance & extra bite when going off-road.  The light truck option increases casing strength & tread depth for improved performance when towing & carrying weight, plus increased puncture resistance & higher mileage.

    * T3 Compound featuring a high content of chemically-coupled silica which improves wet traction & mileage.

    * DEEPER TREAD DEPTH (light truck) offeres higher mileage & improved traction on and off road. 
    * MICRO GAUGE SIPES which help increase traction on wet roads.
    * SERRATED RIBS & LUGS help to release mud & rocks which means you will have less chance of your tyre being damaged by stones and rocks drilling into the casing of your tyre.

   * HIGH-TENSILE CORDS are stronger than standard tensile cords.
   * SUPER-TENSILE STEEL BELTS are 15% stronger than high-tensile steel belts.  Both improve puncture         resistance & performance under load.