BAJA MTZ P3 - A Serious Off-road Tyre with a 40% Road & Sand, 60% Dirt & Mud bias.
The Baja MTZ P3 is an evolution to the successful MTZ, with improved compound for more mileage & a new sidebiter for improved off-road traction.  This would be the most complete off-road tyre Mickey Thompson have ever made!

    * T4 Compound from the successful ATZ P3 tyre is being used in the MTZ P3, it features high silica & reinforced treadgap stock to improve cut & chip resistance, for higher mileage & better wet traction.

    * AGGRESSIVE SIDEBITERS are a must for any off-road tyre.  Sidebiters are like having tread on the sidewall and then combined with the FLEX GROOVE allows the sidewall of the tyre to mould to the terrain giving you more traction off-road and reduces the chance of sidewall damage.
* ANGLED SCALLOPED SHOULDER LUGS & MUD SCOOPS which help to shift mud from the wide outer crevasses to give you more traction off-road.
    * VARIABLE DRAFT ANGLES & STONE EJECTORS which basically aid in reducing your tyres ability to hold stones in therefore you have less chance of your tyre being damaged by stones and rocks drilling into the casing of your tyre.

POWERPLY increases the tyre casing strength which improves traction, stability, towing and once again - aids in reducing the chance of tyre damage