BAJA CLAW TTC  20% Road & Sand, 80% Dirt & Mud.
Build with state-of-the-art construction, the Baja Claw TTC's 23º tread pattern, large directional sidebiters, tough sidewall and PowerPly carcass construction, gives you the confidence that it will pull you through any situation off-road while giving you excellent on-road performance.  

    * T6 COMPOUND is designed to handle the harshest off-road conditions from mud, slate, clay, gravel and rock.

    * MUD POCKETS reduce friction to stop mud from getting stuck in the crevasses
    * MICKEY PATENTED 23º ANGLE DIRECTIONAL TREAD has proven to be the best cutting angle for off-road traction.
    * BROKEN CENTRE RIB improves performance when driving on the side of hills by reducing side slip.
    * DE-COUPLED SIDEBITERS are like having tread on the sidewall of your tyre which allows the side of your tyre to mould to the terrain giving you more traction off-road and greatly reduces the chance of getting any damage to the sidewall of your tyre.

POWERPLY increases the tyre casing strength which improves traction, stability, towing and once again - aids in reducing the chance of tyre damage