The ATZ is a new breed of tyre - a true 50/50 tyre and is one of Mickey Thompson biggest selling tyres.  The ATZ P3 has a 4 rib pattern design - like a mud tyre - but with larger blocks to improve road performance, increase mileage & reduce road noise. With the full off-road Powerply casing, this tyre can go almost anywhere!  

    * T4 COMPOUND features high-silica & reinforced treadgap stock to improve cut & chip resistance, for higher mileage & better wet traction.

    * FULL OFF-ROAD SIDEBITERS are like having tread on the sidewall which helps give you more traction and reduces the chance of sidewall damage.
    * LARGER SHOULDER BLOCKS - these give your tyre a larger contact patch which helps to improve the tyres on road performance when cornering and give you better mileage.
    * BEVELLED EDGES & STONE EJECTORS which basically aid in reducing your tyres ability to hold stones in therefore you have less chance of your tyre being damaged by stones and rocks drilling into the casing of your tyre.

POWERPLY increases the tyre casing strength which improves traction, stability, towing and once again - aids in reducing the chance of tyre damage